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Merchant Cash Advances and Business Cash Advances through VMC Capital are fast and easy. We understand that no two companies or business owners are alike. We analyze each application individually to guarantee our clients obtain the funding that best meets the needs and goals of their company. This approach enables us to provide funding to more business owners than our competitors in the Merchant Cash Advance space.
Having access to so many of the direct funders, VMC can provide your business with a cash advance program, even if, the owner has a bad credit history, is a new business or just does not have the time to wait for a bank to process their business loan.

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Who is eligible? Merchant Cash Advance funding is intended for businesses that take credit cards and are in demand of capital for purchasing inventory or supplies, making improvements and repairs, hiring new personnel, advertising and marketing to get through a dull month, cycle, or period. To improve cash flow a Merchant Cash Advance can offer amounts of $5,000 to $2,000,000 upfront with flexible repayment plans or fixed payments until the advance is repaid. Variable payments made as a percentage of daily credit card sales with no time limit to repay are also available through a VMC Capital Merchant Cash Advance. The business cash advance contract a sale of future card receipts. Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance Now!

Merchant Cash Advance| Requirements 

The requirements to receive a Merchant Cash Advance are: Your business must be open, operating, and have been generating revenue for at least three months.  Your business must accept credit or debit card payments. You can not have an open bankruptcy, you must be a U.S. citizen and be administering business in one of the fifty US states. With Merchant Cash Advance approval rates as high as 95% for businesses that meet our merchant criteria, there is no need to wait! Apply now for a Merchant Cash Advance through VMC Capital today and have working capital in as little as 3 days!  Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance Now!

Introducing Business Cash Advance Through ACH!

Through the general MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) funding programs, merchants would receive a cash advance for their company and make repayments on the  advance via their credit card processor. We are presently adding a unique funding program for business owners who do not generate revenue utilizing credit card processing. Traditionally VMC has helped merchants with prompt access to working capital through Merchant Cash Advance funding. VMC has now elected to expand their capacity to support merchants and business owners through the new ACH funding program. Now with an ACH advance business owners can offer payments via their banking organization. Best of all the ACH agreed upon payback amount is set before the cash advance contract is signed. These repayments are paid back daily through ACH until the cash advance is paid off. This means that small business owners are not required to process credit cards to receive a business cash advance, and those who do, no longer have to change processors to obtain business funding.
Not only does this program increase VMC’s capacity to secure funding for small businesses, but it also enables clients to keep their working relationship with a credit card processing vendor who they may have remained in business with for years. VMC is thrilled to expand the ability to acquire funding for small business operations. If your business could use a business cash advance or would like to learn more contact VMC Capital at 855-388-1113

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