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7 Top Apps for Small Businesses

Back in 2010, Apple was granted a trademark for the phrase, "There's an App for That." As the app revolution charged ahead, the company wisely recognized that there's an app to meet just about every need. As a small business--either in start-up mode, or in full-charge--making use of apps to streamline, organize or communicate makes a lot of sense. Apps manage data and help organize the flood of new ideas; simplify the hassle of keeping records and ease the challenge of communicating across multiple mediums.

How to Protect Your Business from Social Engineering

When you're operating a small business, the last thing you need to worry about is being hacked. Money is tight, stakes are high and you're busy operating, not watching your company's online identity. Hackers are clever, inventive and persistent, which is what makes them so dangerous. "Social engineering" is the practice of complex conning, manipulating your confidence in the hacker and allowing him or her to gain system access, gather personal information or otherwise defraud you.


Business Cash Advance, The Secret is Out!

It's no secret that small businesses need working capital to continue to grow. It's also no secret that banks aren't loaning money to small businesses like in the previous times. Recent studies have shown that only 39% of the small business loans actually get through the initial underwriting process. Now there are many different reasons for this tightening of the riens over the past 3 or 4 years, that have made it harder to receive any kind of funding from the traditional lending facilities.

Small Business Survival and Business Cash Advance

At the end of the day every small business has one goal, survival. But with the volitional economy, mandated health care and rising hourly wages it has become survival of the fittest. Since the passing of some of the major financial institutions in the United States many banks have basically stopped lending money to small business's.


Only 41% of the Small Business Loan Applications are approved.

That leaves 59% of the small businesses that are in need of funding, to keep trying other banks to get approved and in the extreme cases close up shop. Small business has been the backbone of our economy year after year accounting for more than 65% of all new jobs created in the USA. Every day it gets harder and harder for small businesses to get approved for funding, even though the strength of the workforce depends on small businesses to supply new jobs.

Unsecured Business Loans a.k.a. Merchant Cash Advance

In today's traditional lending arena,  big banks are tightening their loan guidelines. Which means the average small business is having a harder and harder time getting working capital. This can turn a potentially successful business into another failure due to the inability to get a business loan. A merchant cash advance is a fast and easy way to get working capital, without having to go through the long business loan process through a traditional bank.

Get Working Capital using a Merchant Cash Advance

Langhorne, PA -- (VMCCAPITAL) -- 07/31/2013 -- If you are like many business owner having working capital to run and grow your business is the most important thing. Whether it be hiring new employees, expanding your current business, purchasing inventory or equiptment purchases working capital is needed. As the age old adage says you can't make money, without money.

Merchant Cash Advance Loans from VMC Capital

Langhorne, PA -- (VMCCAPITAL) -- 07/29/2013 -- VMC Capital, located just outside of Philadelphia, in Langhorne, PA offers business loan solutions for business owners throughout the United States. VMC Capital  has been helping business owners  find new methods to create and process income. Whether it has been a retail location or an online shop, VMC Capital has served to process millions of dollars. VMC Capital  takes satisfaction in giving the industries best assistance at a discounted percentage.

Applying Online is Easy! Or Call 855-388-1113

Apply Online Fast


Fill out the short form and we'll contact you!

Or simply call 855-388-1113 and speak with one of our merchant advance agents to get you the

Cash You Need!

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Time is Money!


You're busy and VMC Capital respects that. Your business moves fast and so do we!

After speaking with your agent and supplying the requested documents most advance deposits are made within 3 to 4 business days!

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Grow Your Business


Nothing can increase sales like working capital. Having the funds available to carry day to day functions is a key to success!

Get working capital today and pay it back over time!


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