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Merchant Cash Advance Testimonials

"Just a fast letter to say acknowledgments to the reps at VMC Capital, your staff helped me with my funding needs. As a business proprietor in a poor economy, it was becoming hardly possible to get the funding I needed. I was referred to VMC Capital Funding, and it proved to be worth it. The staff was compassionate, intelligent, and effective. They helped me find the funding I needed at a price I could afford. Thank you!"
- Robert W.
"I cannot thank VMC Capital  Funding adequately for their expert assistance. It was a joy to work with them. The process was quick and easy. I wish I had known about merchant cash advances earlier because it truly helped me out when I needed supplies. I will definitely use VMC Capital  Funding in the future. Thank you again to all."
- Pam D.
"The merchant cash advance I got from VMC Capital  Funding I assure you saved my business. After my bank cut my business credit line, I figured I had no place to turn. VMC Capital  Funding was able to give me plenty cash to make payroll and stay off of C.O.D. with my suppliers. I even get paid a faster which helped my day to day cash flow issues. Thank you VMC Capital  Funding."
- Nick G.


"The business cash advance from VMC Capital helped our business through when we needed to get our inventory built up prior to our busy season. Ed and his team worked very hard and fast on getting us the funds we needed, VMC Capital is a great company and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a merchant cash advance."
- Fred B.


"We got a business advance from VMC Capital painlessly. Ed worked with me all the way through the process making it easy and fast. We will definately be using VMC Capital again and I would recommend them for you anyday, Thanks Ed!"
- Katie M.


"I wanted to thank you for everything you did.  As I told you before we have been in this industry(teaching tennis) as sole proprietors for over 20 years and over that time frame we have often wondered if there was a way for small businesses to borrow money.  The locations that we currently have open were put there with either our savings accounts or small loans from our family and friends.  When you discussed the options that were available you not only gave us all the information we needed regarding the "pros" you also laid out the "cons" to borrowing money that has no use for expansion.  We are big sticklers on each and every action that we take having an effect that creates more money(i.e. Extra staff who must perform to make money, extra office space that must be utilized to make money, even our vehicles have huge logos on them that MAKE MONEY!!)  Its good to know that there are options out there for small business that want to grow and that there are qualified loan officers to help and make the process super simple from start to finish.

Thank you again.  We will keep all of your information as the SUPERSTAR loan officer who knows how to get it done."


- James & Wensey Las Vegas, NV

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